When food and drinks from the European Union meet Japanese appreciation for excellence, it is a Perfect Match, as Japanese gourmands value the same qualities in food as their European counterparts: quality, authenticity, sustainability, and safety.

Indeed, quality, authenticity, sustainability, and safety are the pillars of Europe’s food industry. European producers adhere to strict regulations, ensuring that their food and drink products are of the highest standards.                                                                                                                                                                            

You will have the opportunity to experience these products for yourself at a number of events being organised across Japan – make sure to look at the ‘Events’ and ‘In your supermarket’ sections on this website for information on events and product tastings near you.

These events are a forum for people and businesses to meet with European producers, learn about their traditions, taste their products and discover the business opportunities offered by Europe’s commitment to excellence.

In the ‘
Perfect Match’ section on the website, we will also regularly feature recipes that match top quality ingredients from Europe with local Japanese dishes – check them out to get some inspiration for your next dinner party or to add to your restaurant menu.

This website is a gateway to the finest food and beverages that the European Union has to offer – step through and join us on a journey of discovery of excellent, high-quality produce from Europe.

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Perfect Match

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